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Permanent Cosmetic


Institute Of Dermal Art Technologies

Pamela Abshear.....

" Is a maven in the permanent makeup industry"

Susan Church

Whenever I need an article, information, or professional opinion I can always count on Pam to step up and help me without hesitation. She has provided me with medical/technical artwork for my students and clinic treatment walls. She has the ability to put students as well as clients at ease. She is a talented permanent makeup artist who loves her work.

Therese Cunningham Great site.....Superb Instructor! Please share with your friends. (Miss C) Cidesco Diplomat

Skin care by lacey, Yesterday I was fortunately able to take the skin needling course! I learned so much. Pamela and THE assistant take so much time and if you need more practice, you become a forever student. Pamela is a "ambassador of excellence " we have asked her to head up the make up and skin needling of the UNITED AESTHETICS ORGANIZATION (UAO). We are honered she has excepted! This is a class you can not afford not to take! Thank you Pamela and Tim.

 Pamela! I am addicted to you , your my drug Of choice... You are so talented!!! I love.... Did I say LOVE! My eye liner, beauty mark and music

note tattoo you did behind my ear. The only problem I have is what to do next! All my.clients are so..... happy with theirs too. Leanna, my client that had her liner done, told me today she already reffered a friend. Leave it to the master.. we all have our talents. You just seem to be blessed with too many! Thanks again! 

Francine K, You have a great gift and you are an amazing teacher...

Alecia Boyles, If you are in skin care you HAVE to learn skin needling!!!! Permanent makeup is a huge plus too! I make more in 1 day than anyone else in the salon does in an entire week! Not to mention Pamela is the best teacher ever!

Stephenie Romero, Pamela Absher, is a one of a kind educator. I had some previous knowledge of permanent cosmetics and she customized a course for me. She helped me gain the confidence and knowledge I needed to produce beautiful work. I know I can always go back to her with questions and refreshers. Once Pamela takes you under her wing she is always there for you. XOXO

Roberta Mason, If anyone is interested in taking any course that Pamela Abshear is offering and maybe a little apprehensive, please feel free to contact me. Pam will give you my #. Pam is an excellent instructer with a wealth of knowledge. She is true in what she tells you she will offer you and makes your learning process easy to comprehend.

Not only do you receive a wonderful education you also have Pam and her wisdom for a life time. Most of all you have gained a true friend with no frills. Please feel free to call ma at any time. Roberta Mason

Peggy Schremser Pam, want to thank you again for sharing all your knowledge and wisdom. You truely are passionate, professional, and powerful. Your skin-needling class brought me to a whole new level in my Aesthetics career. By far the best class i have ever taken. Keep up the inspiration-cause it's your gift. Thanks Peggy Schremser

Robin Rachelle Kirksey

Pamela Abshears teaching technique as well as her belief in me helped me to become MY OWN BEST ASSET!! If there is an artist there within you, she will find it, pull it out of you and nurture it until it's on top of its Game!! I am the best at what I do because She gave me the best of her knowledge and experience. I am a Permanent Makeup Technician and Tattoo Artist. Learning from Pamela has giving me something worth striving for and that is to be the BEST!

Robin Rachelle's Permanent Makeup Artistry and Medical Esthetics,

Columbus Ohio

With Gratitude, I would like to say thanks for everything, and making the time to come to PA to teach on such short notice.

I appreciate your teaching, I have learned alot and would

HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU!. Thank you and your husband for giving me extra supplies, that was very nice. I will keep you updated on my progress!..

Joelle Long, PA