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Permanent Cosmetic


Institute Of Dermal Art Technologies

About us...

At I.D.A.T its all about the fresh modern approach to permanent cosmetics and medical tattooing applications. We have taken our years of experience to the brightest updated future in Permanent Cosmetics, the restorative arts of Paramedical tattooing and Aesthetic and continuing education.

We pride ourselves in RAISING the standard in industry by working with the medical community and guest speaking/teaching Continuing education seminars at skincare companies, as well as colleges

Why choose IDAT, as a Licensed Aesthetician, Artist, and Master tattooist, we provide the ultimate experience in the skin.

This allows us to bring a wealth of knowledge of many combined arts to help facilitate your vision in services or continuing education. 

We are endorsed by the world's expert in the field, who standardized the industry over 30 years ago, Susan Church is the co founder of the SPCP and Now the League of Permanent Cosmetic Providers. Pamela Abshear is considered her protege' by her own admission, and also a co founder of the most elite organization for dermal artist in the World, THE LPCP.

Its the perfect marriage of the artistic eye with the intelligent mind. Come and experience the spirit of excellence and success that only we can deliver to you.


(Coil, Rotary, Softap RT/Hand tool/Manual)

The services for the face include,

but not limited too are...

(FULL LIP of color, LIP LINER, LIP LINER with shading, Blended LIP LINER, TWO TONE shading).


are equisite in

(bold, thick, thin, eyelash enhancements, french and smudgy effects).


Can be...

(Hair stroked, Solid fill, Powder fill or 3d color effect).

For the body we can do hair simulation for the scalp in multi layers of color and movement to full the eye to blend out areas in question. 


Can be...

Anywhere desired on the body for corrective work, to normalize the appearance of damaged tissue. 


Can also soften the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, lip fissures, stretch marks, hypo pigmentation, pock marks, acne damaged tissue and body scars. Our method employed for the above is the (SNAAP METHOD)TM SKIN NEEDLING WITH A PEEL PROTOCOL. This treatment method can be utilized anywhere on the body unless there is a contraindication. Please see our skin needling page for great pics.


work is a 3d wonder of multi dimensional layering of shades and nuances. We customize all colors based on request of each procedure, this allows the maximizing of desired results for the client. One size does not always fit all, so we consult to bring forth your vision of beauty.

SEMINARS: The classes we teach are designed for the working professional and our team works hard to customize the course based on your individual needs for growth in the beauty field.

Permanent Cosmetics, Paramedical Tattooing, Skin needling, Areola restoration (3d effect) and all Aesthetic beauty treatments for professionals.  

Kits are included in our seminars, which very depending on subject matter.

Students will receive

life time of tech

support at no cost,

and may retake

any course to re

audit the sessions.

We are in you can

win at it!!!!!!