ART OF THE CORRECTION...

Nothing is more tragic than bad tattooing work, especially on the face.  After all we cannot cover the work by our clothing, so we are left to creatively hide it under topically applied makeup.  Sometimes it so poorly executed, almost nothing short of laser can be the fix it.  Choosing a artist by their experience and expertise, is a far better option than price, if you want to avoid these disasters.  Here are some wonderful examples of clients that have come to me for help.

DSC01619We can fix just about anything, it just may take a few applications.  
It can be at times a lengthy process as the area needs to heal between 
each service.

     Note that the lines are very crooked and ill placed.  Black eyeliner as turned a blue cast.  A real common issue with artist who have failed color theory. Color was restored to a soft black, and lines smoothed out    

     Bottom pic shows very a poorly executed lip liner that is fuller
to the left, lines skippy.  Artist also used traditional tattoo ink, this should  never be used in the face because of migration issues.          

Color correction of a blue cast in lip, client stated, that everyone was always commenting was she cold.

IMG 0420
She was very thrilled we covered this up, she says it was one less thing to worry about.      

Dark colors in the lips, such as Raisin can present a real challenge.  Again the key is proper color theory combined with the knowledge of the nature of the area to be implanted.  This is the key to the success!

I often wonder how this mistake happens, its almost painful to look at.  That is why it is all the more important to research your artist.  Make sure they did not take a two day program, and that the trainer is reputable with legitimate credentials.  There is alot of people who claim to train in permanent cosmetics, but lack training themselves. 


DSC01620          AFTER 

DSC01742          AFTER

DSC01851           AFTER

IMG 0426           AFTER

Anything can be just takes different venues to do so, not to mention multiple sessions.  The secret is always customizing the color in various shades, tints and tones.  This is very simplistic for me as a professional artist, i understand color.  Even more so, as it is related to the face.  Truly I am the master of disguises.